Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the process for becoming a member?

A: There is 3 Step process to become an official member.

     Step 1:  Fill out SBGTH Member Application

     Step 2:  Fill out Survey *will be sent after the application is completed and submitted for board approval.

     Step 3: Complete initial in-person training course *virtual options available

Q: What does my initial membership fee include?

A: It includes a one time non-refundable processing fee, training for 2 people, and 12 months of the SBGTH Business Membership.

Q: How do I pay my membership fee's?

A: Pay by credit card and ACH options are available.  A secure link will be sent to you via email once the application has been submitted.  Paying via check is also acceptable.

Q: What do I get with my membership?

A: The benefit of an initial training session to learn what "healthy" means in the building industry and why it's important, use of the SBGTH logo, SBGTH promo items, future networking events, exclusive access to participate in expo's, seminars, future more in-depth training courses, and you get to be at the forefront of healthy building with other like minded companies and what be what customers are looking for when creating their healthier lifestyle.

Q: Are there going to more opportunities to Network for members?

A: Yes, but those are planned to roll out in the near future.